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Watch Metro One News live streaming today enjoy all of the latest programs through Metro One News live TV channel online live streaming. Watch your favorite programs on Metro One News live TV online without any hassle. Along with Metro One News Live, you can also watch Pakistan live TV streaming of other channels on their respective pages.

Metro One News Live – Karachi’s very own news channel that keeps you updated with all the latest happenings of the city, none other than Metro One News. Launched back in 2006, and based in Karachi Metro One News focuses to cover every detail about the Quaid’s city. With the slogan “Har Pal ki Khabar”, Metro One aims to cater every single national or international news and bring it to the viewers after verifications. Major focus of Metro One TV is to report any sort of political or criminal unrest in the city. Similarly any sort of activity or any significant private/ public event held in Karachi is also covered by Metro One News Live. From minor to major all sort of social, political, or cultural activity is broadcasted exclusively by Metro One Live. The channel covers administrative news, sports news, National news, Karachi updates for the viewers.

You can enjoy variety of shows based on current affairs, news based on Karachi, crime and law and order situation of the city only on Metro One News TV Live. You will be able to see hourly news bulletin, breaking news, in depth news coverage, hard core talk shows, and news reporting that can benefit the citizens of Karachi. The news and top stories related to city government Karachi, administrative news and election updates are also available on Metro One TV. It is advised to all Karachiites to check out Metro One Live News before leaving home to have a clear idea about the situation of the city. The channel also gives you the updates and top stories related to major events held in Karachi and other happenings. The thought provoking and interesting shows of Metro One Live includes Morning Delight, Lazzat with Asad, Zara Hut Kay, Do Tok, CID, BillaTakaluf, Zaviya, Sach ya Siyasat, All Out to name a few. You can watch regional news of Karachi only on Metro One TV Live. Watch Metro One News live streaming only on HamariWeb.

Metro One News TV Live is surely one of the most popular news and current affairs channel of Pakistan. The channel started its transmission in 2006 and is headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. At initial level, Metro One TV news was a local channel that caters the news and top stories about Karachi and surrounding areas. Later with time, the management diverted the focus of Metro One News to national level, covering news across the country. Metro One TV Live cover the news about politics, sports, social events, current affairs, terrorism, entertainment and other issues etc. Some of the most popular Metro One News shows include:

Lazzat with Asad

Lazzat with Asad is a popular cooking show on airs on Metro One TV News. The show is hosted by popular chef Asad, who teaches you variety of dishes and recipes that are easy to make and yummy to taste. The show has successfully completed 1600 episodes. The show enjoys huge number of local and international audience. Lazzat with Asad is on aired from Monday to Friday at 06:00 pm. Learn various dishes from different cuisines by watching the show Lazzat with Asad.

Siyasi Takra

Siyasi Takra is a famous discussion based current affairs talk show that on airs on Metro One News. The show is hosted by Sameen Nawaz who is doing a fine job. Siyasi Takra is a political debate show where various politicians are invited as guests to speak on various prevailing issues. Latest political turmoil becomes the topic of discussion. Host has extensive knowledge about every latest event and makes the show interesting with her exceptional hosting skills.

Do Tok:

Do Tok is a unique sort of a talk show telecasted on Metro News Live.

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